In December 2003, KEDC signed a Promissory Note with KIF to take title and responsibility for the Killeen Business Park. That Promissory Note is still in effect.

Purchased 62 acres of land to expand the Killeen Business Park.

Built and constructed two speculative buildings in the Business Park that have remained fully occupied by various tenants that provide approximately 450 jobs on any given day.

Provided infrastructure in the park including roads, water and sewer lines, electric and gas lines and a Sonet fiber optic backbone ring.

Provided incentives and/or assistance to locate and/or expand the following in the Killeen Business Park or in the City of Killeen

  • Solix Inc.
  • Aegis Communications Ltd (formerly Sallie Mae)
  • Blackboard Student Services (formerly Convergys)
  • Kyrish Government Group (formerly Longhorn International)
  • Z Systems (formerly 84 Lumber)
  • Raytheon
  • First National Bank Texas
  • Stewart & Stevenson (formerly Oakwood Homes and Oshkosh)
  • Pepsi Vending (formerly Pepsi Distributing)
  • Others.

Funded a portion of the matching grant to upgrade the Army Radar Approach Control (ARAC). The upgrades to the control tower will provide state-of-the-art equipment for Fort Hood and civilian air traffic monitoring.

Incentivized retail projects to enduce developments in parts of Killeen that would not have otherwised been considered. These developments have since attracted new retailers.

Funded the passenger marketing program for the Killeen – Fort Hood Regional Airport since its opening in 2004.

Paid for utility lines on Clear Creek Road from Stan Schlueter Loop to the new regional airport.

Provided funding for the Veteran’s Cemetery on SH195.

Provided matching funds to encourage donations from communities from throughout the region to provide scholarships for TAMUCT students to meet legislative enrollment requirements to achieve stand-alone status and to meet commitments to the Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System.

Provided funding to the Second Run Way Task Force to pay for preliminary engineering and environment work for the construction of a second runway at Gray Army Airfield.

Provided funding for development of the Master Plan for the National Museum of Mounted Warfare.

Provided startup funding to hire a staff for the National Mounted Warfare Foundation.

Is the largest financial supporter of the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance.

Invested in the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coaltion in 2003. Since then the group has succeeded in obtaining authorization to designate parts of US Highway 190 to Interstate 14. For more information about the interstate development, Gulf Coast Strategic Highway. Final authorization of the redesignation is expected in January 2017.