Doing Business


  1. In some cases, a consultant or prospect may require anyone/everyone working on a project to sign a Confidentiality Statement.
  2. When a Confidentiality Statement is required, KEDC board members and GKCC staff are informed that a statement has been signed on behalf of Killeen.
  3. Even if a statement isn’t requested, all projects are kept confidential and only discussed with those involved in the decision making process for economic development. 
  4. There are many reasons to keep projects confidential.
    • Most projects are competitive. Information can find its way to communities who are in a position to compete for the investment.
    • No project is safe until documents, including Performance Agreements, have been executed.
    • The company may not want their competition to know their plans.
    • Open discussion leads to speculation. Speculation leads to unrealistic expectations and increased land prices.

Preparing a Proposal

Requests for proposals come directly from a prospect, a regional ally or the Governors Office of Economic Development, who are working with the prospect. In all cases, the RFP will be directed to the VP of E.D. or the GKCC President.

Here is how proposals are processed:

  1. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is reviewed and determined whether Killeen meets the criteria for building, land, infrastructure, location, etc.
  2. The VP of Economic Development submits a proposal if Killeen meets the criteria.
  3. Proposals can include maps, demographic packet, community profile etc.