Economic Impact Analysis

  1. The first step in the Incentive negotiation process is that the prospect must complete a MS-Excel Data Sheet. Sample Economic Impact Data Sheet
  2. When completed, the file provides information regarding the company's operations and investment. It is important that the data within the file be as accurate as possible. The information within the data sheet is used in the Performance Agreement, which is a legal binding contract.
  3. After viewing the Data Sheets and the request for incentives, the economic development staff will determine a range of incentives to consider.
  4. Once the range of incentives has been determined by staff, it will be included in the data sheets.
  5. An economic impact analysis is done based on the data provided in the file. The analysis is a program purchased by the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce from Impact DataSource.
  6. After the analysis is completed, the staff will submit the packet to board members of the Killeen Economic Development Corporation (KEDC) for consideration.
  7. If approved, an Offer Letter will be sent to the prospect.
  8. If accepted, the prospect signs the Offer Letter and a Performance Agreement is entered into by both the prospect and KEDC.