MGC Pure Chemicals America Selects Killeen For Next Site

MGC Pure Chemicals America (MPCA)
Published by: Jennifer Hetzel | Published on: 03 Aug, 2017
MGC Pure Chemicals America (MPCA)

MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc. To Locate Manufacturing Plant in Killeen
MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc., selects Killeen, Texas as their next site location for a manufacturing plant that will service the semiconductor industry.  
MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. (MPCA) is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC) based in Tokyo, Japan.
MPCA will establish a plant in the Killeen Business Park to meet the growing demand for its products. The Killeen facility will produce ultra-pure cleaning chemicals used in the semiconductor industry for applications that require stripping, etching, and cleaning of silicon wafers.
The plant will occupy a 28-acre site that contains room to double the size of the initial facility and a rail spur installation. MPCA will invest $23 million in land, building, machinery and equipment and create 28 new jobs over five years. The average annual salary will be $66,600 per year.
“The City of Killeen is delighted to have MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc. locate in our community. The citizens and businesses of the greater Killeen area will see a positive economic impact of this project by way of direct and indirect new jobs and sales revenue generated by the presence and production line of this manufacturer. I want to thank our Killeen Economic Development Corporation (KEDC) and the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce for all their work in helping bring this MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc. to our city,” said Killeen City Mayor Jose Segarra.”
In addition to Killeen, MGC evaluated sites in San Antonio and the Research Valley (Bryan/College Station) and sites in Louisiana.

KEDC President Charlie Watts stated, “‚ÄčThe Killeen Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce Economic Development staff have worked diligently over the past few months to provide MPCA with a viable strategic location for their new manufacturing facility. The designation of Interstate 14, which demonstrates a robust transportation network, was a critical factor in qualifying our community for this project. MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc. will make a great addition to our Killeen Business Park and will result in increased opportunity for us all.”
“Based on the capital investment of MPCA and the jobs created, the Net Benefits to the City of Killeen over a 10-year period total $1,769,890 according to our economic impact analysis,” said Curt Gaines, KEDC Treasurer.
About MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. (MPCA):
The company was established in 1995 to be the premier and leading supplier of ultra-pure cleaning chemicals in the USA. MPCA’s headquarters is based in Mesa, Arizona and they operate two US plants, the one in Arizona and one in Virginia.
About Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC):
MGC develops business in a wide range of fields from basic chemicals to specialty chemicals and advanced materials. Since its inception in 1918, MGC has been developing innovative new technology and materials in accordance with the company motto, “To Offer Unique Products Through Original Technology.” MGC currently has several operations outside of Japan including in China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Trinidad Tobago.
About the Killeen Economic Development Corporation (KEDC):
The Killeen city council passed an ordinance on August 14, 1990 authorizing and approving the creation of the KEDC. On November 30, 1990, the City of Killeen entered into the agreement with the Killeen Economic Development Corporation to provide for economic development services. The mission of the KEDC is to promote the development of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing enterprises to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare. They also are charged with the responsibility of working closely with the Killeen Industrial Foundation and the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce. The KEDC is funded wholly by the City of Killeen. The funding is determined and approved on an annual basis by the Killeen City Council through a “Memorandum of Understanding.” The KEDC is run by a nine-member Board of Directors who serve three-year staggered terms. Three board members each are chosen by the City of Killeen, the Killeen Industrial Foundation, and the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce. The KEDC has secured the following companies to attract, retain or expand their operations in the Killeen Business Park: Atmos Energy, Bell Glass, Stewart & Stevenson, Aegis Communications, Pepsi, Sallie Mae, the M/A/R/C group, AT&T Transtech (shortly thereafter known as Convergys), West Teleservices, Oakwood Homes, Longhorn International (now known as Kyrish Government Group, Roger Ward North American Van Lines, First National Bank Texas, Raytheon, 84 Lumber, Z Systems, Central Transportation System to Killeen and others.