The KEDC is governed by its nine members. Three entities are represented on the Membership, including the City of Killeen, the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce and the Killeen Industrial Foundation.

Policy Development

Procedures for Policy Development

The following steps will be taken in developing new policies or revising existing policies:

  • Suggestions for policy development or review may be initiated by members of KEDC and the president of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, who is the KEDC secretary.
  • The Members of KEDC will review the suggestions for policy development, and, if they accept the need, direct the Secretary to facilitate the development of a draft policy.
  • The draft policy will be developed and reviewed through a policy committee of persons appointed by the Members or President and who are directly influenced by the proposed policy.
  • The Members will review the policy and make the modifications they deem appropriate.
  • The policy will be adopted by resolution at a regular meeting of KEDC.

Membership Selection

The City Council of the City of Killeen will select three members from the city who will serve as members of KEDC. The selection will be made each year following the swearing in of the new council. Representatives of the Killeen Chamber of Commerce are selected by that group’s Board of Directors and submitted to the KEDC Executive Director or Secretary, who, in turn, submits the names to the city council for its approval. The Killeen Industrial Foundation also selects three members with the names submitted to the KEDC Executive Director or Secretary, who, in turn, submits the names to the city council for approval.


The Staff of the KEDC will be composed of the President of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, who serves as the Executive Director. Other GKCC staff provides support to the workings of KEDC.


  • Regular Meetings:
    • There are no “Regular” scheduled meetings. KEDC meets on an as-needed basis. However, the KEDC board shall meet in October of each year for its Annual Meeting and at least quarterly based on the Bylaws.
  • Called:
    • Meetings are called by the KEDC President. The GKCC staff then prepares necessary packets of information, posts notices and informs the entire board of meeting date and time.
  • Location:
    • Unless otherwise notified, all KEDC board meetings are held in the GKCC board room.
  • Posting:
    • For all KEDC meetings, an Agenda with a signature from the Secretary or the Executive Director shall be posted on the bulletin board of the chamber building, the police station and City Hall. A notice is also posted on the KEDC website.
    • With the exception of a Special Meeting, the Agenda shall be posted 72 hours prior to the meeting date and time. 
    • The Agenda for a Special Meeting must be posted at least five (5) days before the meeting date, if by mail, or at least forty-eight (48) hours electronically.
  • Meeting Packets:
    • Meeting packets shall consist of the following:
      • Agenda with notice of the date and time of the meeting. 
      • Minutes from previous meeting
      • Financial Statement
      • Information supporting Agenda items
    • Packets are delivered to board members prior to the meeting. 
    • Packets are clearly marked, “KEDC Confidential” if the meeting contains a “Closed Session.”
  • Closed Session:
    • Meeting packets that include a “Closed Session” shall consist of the following:
      • All of the above including a section clearly identified as “Closed Session”
      • Agenda must clearly state: "Closed Session: Pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Law [V.T.C.A., Government Code, 551.001 et seq.], the President called a Closed Meeting of the Board on the XXth day of Month Year, at Time under the following authority: Section 551.087(2) –Deliberation Regarding Economic Development Negotiations; To deliberate regarding commercial or financial or other incentive to a business prospect described by Subdivision (1). Public discussion of this item would have a detrimental effect on KEDC’s bargaining position between it and third persons, firms, or corporations. The Board completed its Closed Meeting on the XXth day of Month Year, at Time"
    • At the beginning of the Closed Session, the meeting room will consist of GKCC staff, KEDC board of directors, guests directly involved in the Closed Session agenda item, and any ex-officio members. All others must leave the room. 
    • At the end of the Closed Session, the doors are opened.  Anyone wanting to enter the meeting is allowed. The Agenda is continued until the meeting is Adjourned.
    • Following the conclusion of the meeting all documentation pertaining to the Closed Session is collected and destroyed.
  • Adjourn Meeting:
    • The meeting is adjourned by the KEDC President following motions made and approved by the board of directors.
  • Minutes:
    • Staff prepares the Minutes of the meeting as soon as possible after the meeting has ended.