Request for Records Form

The Killeen Economic Development Corporation is subject to the Texas Open Records Act, and it is the intent of the Membership to comply with all aspects of it. Anyone requesting records must do so on the Request for Records Form.

Request for Records - Downloadable PDF


Request for Records Form

Phone Number:
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MADE AVAILABLE TO ME FOR EXAMINATION ONLY. I understand that if the documents are not readily available, the custodian may schedule a date and hour within a reasonable time for my examination of the documents. I understand that I must complete my examination within ten days of the date the records are made available to me.*
PHOTOCOPIED for my use where the information sought is in the form of paper.*
DUPLICATED for my use where the information sought is in the form of audiotapes, videotapes, computer tapes, or other similar recording systems.*
MAILED to me at the address indicated above.
FAXED to me at the number indicated above.
PICKED UP by me or my representative at the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, 1 Santa Fe Plaza Drive, Killeen, TX 76541.

I agree to pay the costs of photocopying, duplication, the labor costs involved in retrieving information that is not readily available, and the cost of mailing or faxing. In the event the estimated labor costs exceed $30.00, I agree to pay the estimated labor costs prior to retrieval of the information.

I understand that the Killeen Economic Development Corporation (KEDC) may withhold information which is not considered public information under the Texas Open Records Act, accompanying Attorney General opinions, and case law. I also understand that the KEDC is required to release only those documents that exist, in their current state, and that the EDC is not required to compile or create specific information or formats for my use.

Signature Required*

Standard Paper Size (8 1/2” x 11”) $.10 per page
Legal Paper Size (11” x 14”) $.15 per page
Tablet Paper Size (11” x 17”) $.50 per page
Flash Drive or Other Electronic Medium $10.00 minimum based on the device
Computer Resource Charge $2.50 per hour
Digital Photographs $2.50 per photo Plus Computer Resource Charge
Personnel Charges $26.00 per hour
Miscellaneous Supplies At cost
Postage/Shipping ChargesAt cost
Outsourced/Contracted ServicesAt cost
Other CostsAt cost
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